We almost exclusively work with wood and other natural materials. When When it comes to wood, we use mostly solid wood but we also use some plywood and mdf when it is motivated. 

Textile and leather 

The choice of material for cushions and seats is of great importance for the over all appearance as well as for comfort and longevity of the product. We work with wool textiles, reused textiles and natural leather.
 Much of the wool comes from Australia and New Zeeland, but some also from Norway. Some of the textiles are woven in Sweden, others in England or Norway. Natural leather of good quality and ethical values is made in Sweden. 


Chair LCA 

 We have done a life cycle assessment for our chairs. With the help of software we have taken into consideration as many parameters of the chairs´ life cycle as we can. For example material origin, waste, transportation, type of glue and energy usage etc. We have even included the use and end-of-life stages. These parameters represent what happens to the chairs as they are used and eventually disposed of. Even though these stages are beyond our control they are important to consider in order to gain a complete account of the chairs´ potential impact on the planet. 
 The assessment gives specific quantities for things like the chair´s output of CO2 equivalents and depletion of resources. These results are not meant to be used for comparing our chairs to other producer's since the results can vary to greatly depending on what parameters are included and what assumptions are made. Our LCA is not third-party reviewed and was done on our initiative. The results however are an important tool for us to make informed decisions regarding materials and processes for current and future designs.
 Göteborg, fall 2021.