Our home is in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. We are close to the sea and the archipelago. Here life in the past depended on weather and wind and recourses were scarce. Today when natural resources are exploited heavily there is a need to value them more. Our way to respect this is to work with natural materials and add value to them using design and craftsmanship. That way we create products that can have a long lifetime with respect to design, quality and materials. 


Our thought to respect nature and to create products that does not harm our environment has been with us since we founded Möbelverket in 2005. We make products with a long lifetime. We treat our wooden products with organic oils and waxes, that preserves natural materials, lets them age with patina and makes them repairable in the future.

Made in Sweden

Every single product we produce, we aim to make a masterpiece- something especially valuable for the customer. The tradition of furniture production in our region makes it possible for us to produce locally and most locally in our own production in Gothenburg.